George Eliot Fellowship

The George Eliot Fellowship

Silas Marner abridged by Vivienne Wood

illustrated by Sarah Moore

There is still chance to buy this delightful edition as a present. We know that youngsters love it and the generosity of the Nicholas Chamberlaine Trust in Bedworth enabled the Fellowship to give a copy to every primary school pupil in the Bedworth area

But since then we have discovered that many adults also love this edition. The story is a delight of course and the illustrations are beautiful, as the examples here show.


Felix Holt: The Radical

This is a special edition for The George Eliot Fellowship, launched in 2016 to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the book.

For reading groups we can supply copies at reduced price - £1.50 per copy if you order a minimum of 10 copies.


Silas Marner


Adam Bede – illustrated script

of Vivienne Wood’s adaptation in 2009


Readings from George Eliot

Suitable for reading aloud


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