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The George Eliot Fellowship


Five Women Writers Who Changed The World

This book was published in 2017. Lyndall Gordon is a prize winning biographer who in this book examines the lives of Virginia Woolf, Olive Schreiner, George Eliot, Emily Bronte and Mary Shelley and show how their status as 'Outsiders' affected their work and their world.


Victorians Undone

by Kathryn Hughes

Tales of the flesh in the age of decorum

This fascinating book in Kathryn Hughes's inimitable style sheds new light on Victorians from across the social spectrum. The five subjects are Lady Flora Hastings, one of Victoria's court ladies falsely suspected of being pregnant when in fact she was dying;


A Secret Sisterhood

by Emily Midorikawa and Emma Claire Sweeney

This fascinating book shows literary friendships by some of our great women writers - Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, George Eliot and Virginia Woolf.


The Transferred Life of George Eliot

by Philip Davis

This meticulously researched and argued book is a revelation for what it reveals about the processes that transform the relative failure of unhappy relationships into the extraordinary successful novelist and thinker. The book suggests that the second life has within it traces of the first.


Those of us who loved her

by Kathleen Adams

Kathleen Adams was secretary of the George Eliot Fellowship for 40 years (1968-2008). This book gives short biographies of the men in Eliot's life, from father, brother, friends, to romantic attachments, her long partnership with G H Lewes, and final short marriage to J W Cross. Her section on Charles Bray revealed hitherto unknown facts about Bray's dalliances during his marriage.


Pitkin Guide to George Eliot

This excellent introduction to the life and work of George Eliot has sold thousands of copies since its publication in 2002. 24pp fully illustrated in colour, it was written by Kathleen Adams, secretary of the George Eliot Fellowship from 1968-2008.


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