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Mr AF Cross - founder of the George Eliot Fellowship

The George Eliot Fellowship was founded by Mr A F Cross on 9th November 1930.

The title of 'Fellowship' rather than society was a personal choice of Mr Cross, as he felt it to be most suited to admirers of a woman who still had a message for present and future generations.

 "Should Nuneaton erect a memorial to George Eliot? If so, what form should it take?" The majority of the writers he approached were surprised that a memorial did not already exist.

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George Eliot Visitor Centre site

George Eliot Visitor Centre

Read about the Fellowship's ambitious plans to develop a visitor centre on the site of the outbuildings at Griff House, Nuneaton.

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Janet's Repentance Walk

Janet's Repentance Walk
Sun 8 Sep 2024 2:00 pm -4:00 pm

The Annual Lecture 2024

The Annual Lecture 2024
Sat 14 Sep 2024 2:00 pm -4:00 pm


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George Eliot Review

Since 1970, the Fellowship has published an annual journal of society updates, speeches, analytical essays, and reviews of books related to George Eliot.

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