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The George Eliot Fellowship was founded by Mr A F Cross on 9th November 1930.
The title of 'Fellowship' rather than society was a personal choice of Mr Cross, as he felt it to be most suited to admirers of a woman who still had a message for present and future generations.
Silas Marner abridged by Vivienne Wood

illustrated by Sarah Moore

There is still chance to buy this delightful edition as a present. We know that youngsters love it and the generosity of the Nicholas Chamberlaine Trust in Bedworth enabled the Fellowship to give a copy to every primary school pupil in the Bedworth area

But since then we have discovered that many adults also love this edition. The story is a delight of course and the illustrations are beautiful, as the examples here show.

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George Eliot Visitor Centre

Read about the Fellowship's ambitious plans to develop a visitor centre on the site of the outbuildings at Griff House, Nuneaton.

Essay prize

An annual prize is awarded for an essay on the life, works, family or friends of George Eliot.

George Eliot Review
The George Eliot Review Online is a digital archive of nearly 50 years’ worth of the George Eliot Fellowship’s George Eliot Review. Since 1970, the Fellowship has published an annual journal of society updates, speeches, analytical essays, and reviews of books related to George Eliot.

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George Eliot in my Life

This essay by Kay Farndon is a lovely example of the sort of material that we want to collect  for the George Eliot Visitor Centre. There are many people locally who have stories to tell about how George Eliot has affected their lives, or those of their parents, grandparents or distant relatives. They all contribute to the rich local associations that still exist in the area.

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