George Eliot Fellowship

The George Eliot Fellowship

I have been a member of the GEF for many years and served on the Council for a time during the leadership of Kathleen and Bill Adams.  After retiring from a career teaching English and Drama I was able to become more actively involved in the Fellowship and in 2016 I joined the Council once more.

My interest in drama, music and art has enabled me to contribute to the organisation of Fellowship events. In 2019 I commissioned acclaimed actor/historian Lesley Smith to write a one-woman show portraying the life of Mary Ann Evans. Lesley’s superb performance gave the audience an insight into the extraordinary woman behind the novels and was one of the highlights of the bicentenary. I am currently writing a workbook for children on Silas Marner to accompany Viv Wood’s wonderful adaptation of the novel.

I enjoy my work on the Council and it is a privilege to be constantly learning more about the life and work of this remarkable writer.