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Silas Marner abridged by Vivienne Wood

illustrated by Sarah Moore

There is still chance to buy this delightful edition as a present. We know that youngsters love it and the generosity of the Nicholas Chamberlaine Trust in Bedworth enabled the Fellowship to give a copy to every primary school pupil in the Bedworth area

But since then we have discovered that many adults also love this edition. The story is a delight of course and the illustrations are beautiful, as the examples here show.

The illustrated edition has been a long time in the planning. Warwickshire County Council gave us a grant to commission Sarah’s delightful illustrations back in 2016, and we then gained a grant from the Nicholas Chamberlaine Trust to pay for the design and printing of the book.

A special meeting was called for local teachers before Christmas 2019 and they were given copies as well as background information about George Eliot. In the New Year of 2020 over 4,000 copies were given to primary school children as a souvenir of the George Eliot bicentenary. The Fellowship paid for extra copies so that we could sell them to the public.

The picture below shows Sarah and Viv examining Sarah’s pictures for the book back in 2016. Later, Viv and our designer Myra Haywood decided how to use them in the text to produce the lovely edition you can now purchase.

The pictures below were taken at the public launch of the book in February 2020, held at Chilvers Coton Heritage Centre.

You can order copies of Silas Marner through our website store or if you prefer to pay by cheque or cash for local Nuneaton and Bedworth area delivery please send a cheque payable to George Eliot Fellowship. Copies are £5.00 each with post and packing £2.50 (up to four copies – please contact 07773 413907 if you wish to order more).

Send your order to George Eliot Fellowship at 39 Lower Road, Barnacle, Coventry CV7 9LD.

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