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£145,000 Needed to complete Visitor Centre


The Fellowship now has estimates for the rebuilding of the outbuilding

We have been beset by delays in getting this project off the ground, the details of which need not detain us here. Suffice to say that we now have tenders in for the demolition and reconstruction of the outbuilding at Griff House. 

The original idea was that Whitbread will contribute £80,000 towards the costs but to do what we want to do is now going to cost around £145,000. Our members have so far contributed £3750 - but that was before they knew what the eventual costs might be.

It might be that the project can be zero-rated for VAT if the charity we set up is accepted as non-profit making, which would take the sum required down to about £115,000.

At present we are looking at ways of gaining additional funding. A local multi-millionaire has declined the invitation to help, but there may well be other generous George Eliot lovers out there who would like to contribute. We are looking at HLF and other funders, and feel confident that the money can be raised once people know about it. The problem of course is that the building is in a poor state and could collapse if we have a bad winter.

Published on 05 October 2015

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